Louisiana Board of Nursing

Louisiana Board of Nursing is located at 17373 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810, main phone number is (225) 755-7500, you should look into the following phone numbers to get to the right person at the LSBN:

Louisiana State Board of Nursing main number: 888-473-4858
LSBN Administration number: 225-755-7500
Executive Services: 225-755-7511
Education/Licensure by Exam: 225-755-7522
Endorsement/RN Practice: 225-755-7520
Monitoring/RNP: 225-755-7546
Investigations: 225-755-7551
Hearings: 225-755-7551
Center for Nursing: 225-755-7563
General Counsel: 225-755-7552
Advanced Practice: 225-755-7572
Verifications/Reinstatements: 225-755-7581
Endorsements/Volunteer Nurses/Foreign Nurses: 225-755-7581
Examination: 225-755-7580
Education: Students & Continuing Education: 225-755-7580
Recovering Nurse Program: 225-755-7583
Monitoring: 225-755-7583
General Questions: 225-755-7584
Nursing Practice: 225-755-7581
Advanced Nursing Practice: 225-755-7581
License Renewal: 225-755-7584
Public Record Requests: 225-755-7582
Website Problems: 225-755-7584
Executive Services: 225-755-7585
Operations/Accounting/HR/IT: 225-755-7584

Louisiana Board of Nursing Fax Number

What is Louisiana Board of Nursing fax number?

Louisiana Board of Nursing where you can send fax messages to LSBN regarding nursing matters is (225) 755-7584

Louisiana Board of Nursing Phone Number

What is Louisiana Board of Nursing phone number?

Louisiana Board of Nursing main phone number to speak to a real person at LSBN is (225) 755-7500.

Louisiana Board of Nursing Website

What is Louisiana Board of Nursing website address?


Louisiana Board of Nursing Address

What is Louisiana Board of Nursing address?

Below is Louisiana Board of Nursing official address:

Louisiana State Board of Nursing
17373 Perkins Rd
Baton Rouge
Louisiana 70810

Louisiana Board of Nursing Email Address

What is Louisiana Board of Nursing email address?

Louisiana Board of Nursing email address to send an email message to LSBN is [email protected].

Louisiana CNA License Verification

How to make a Louisiana CNA License Verification?

To make a Louisiana CNA License Verification please fill out the fields in the form and hit the search button:


Louisiana Board of Nursing Services

What does Louisiana Board of Nursing do?

Louisiana Board of Nursing, a part of Louisiana department of health, responsible for nursing and nursing public safety, with the following responsibilities and activities:

* Producing & managing nursing license (new, renewal & transfer).
* License verification & lookup.
* Nursing legislation, regulation & enforcement.
* Regulating and approving nursing programs & creating new education program.
* Investigate nursing complaints.
* Nursing practice registration, act & information.
* Applications for nurse endorsement.
* Nursing moving from one state to another.

How to transfer a Nursing License in Louisiana?
Watch this video to discover how to transfer a nursing license in Louisiana.

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